The meaning of this year’s spring colours Fashion colour therapy.

The colour palette we’re seeing is an explosion of vibrant hues, so let’s analyse the meaning of this year’s spring colours.


Two stylish women during Fashion Week wearing spring colours.

The rainbow has already been the symbol of the hippies and LGBT movements. But more importantly, the bright colours of the rainbow bring joy and optimism. And in 2020, the spring colours bring us plenty of both.


Two stylish women during Fashion Week wearing blue outfits.

Pantone, the international matching colour system, elected classic blue as the colour for 2020. Blue has been associated with the divine for centuries. In other words, this super versatile and elegant hue offers tranquillity and inner peace, which is precisely what the doctor ordered! Also, wearing such a classic tone gives us a sense of stability amid uncertain times.


Two stylish women during Fashion Week wearing green outfits.

Green takes us straight to nature and all that’s healthy. It is also the colour of hope and good fortune. We especially like the sleek Forest Green we saw in several catwalk shows for this spring. Likewise, Biscay Green is everywhere on Instagram, with stylish influencers wearing mint green leather looks.


Two stylish women during Fashion Week wearing red outfits.

On the opposite side, we have red, the tone that screams passion, desire and power. According to Pantone, Flame Scarlet symbolises confidence and determination. You can wear this bright red on your lips or accessories, bags and shoes for a splash of colour. Or you can go full-red and wear it from head-to-toe as we saw at Sies Marjan and Gucci. Read How to wear the monochrome trend to rock this look.


Two stylish women during Fashion Week wearing orange outfits.

Symbol of intuition and enthusiasm, orange gives joy and optimism to the wearer. While Buddhists wear orange to meditate, we prefer to go out and about in a Gabriela Hearst all-orange look. Get inspired by Prada and pair it with turquoise. 


Two stylish women during Fashion Week wearing yellow outfits.

It is said that yellow brings mental clarity and wisdom. Wear this golden colour paired with purple or with baby blue and not only you will be balanced and zen but also, you’ll look super stylish. Win, win. You can go for saffron yellow or the pale yellow called Sunlight that Gucci, Celine and Hermès chose for Spring 2020.


Two stylish women during Fashion Week wearing purple outfits.

Because it was a difficult colour to get in the Middle Ages, purple became a sign of luxury and opulence; the colour that the aristocracy would wear. Nowadays, this soothing hue brings harmony and balance. Halpern and Louis Vuitton presented chic outfits in purple while Balmain combined this regal colour with turquoise. But as you can see, it also looks absolutely beautiful with yellow or red.


Two stylish women during Fashion Week wearing pink outfits.

Pink has come a long way since it’s girly days. The colour represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability. We love pink combined with purple as we saw at Alberta Ferretti AW 20-21. Additionally, this tone looks fabulous paired with orange, very ’80s Yves Saint Laurent.

All street style photos taken during Fashion Week, via Shutterstock.