The handmade knitwear Maiami is our Fall crush Made in Berlin.

We believe slow fashion is the new luxury as well as the handmade knitwear label Maiami believes. Made in Berlin, the German brand Maiami creates beautiful hand-knitted pullovers, cardigans and accessories in the softest natural wool, cashmere, mohair and alpaca.

Maiami’s founder, Maike Dietrich loves knitting. After more and more friends kept asking her to make them pullovers, she decided to turn her hobby into a business. And in 2003, she opened the label Maiami knitwear, that makes pieces that are both traditional and modern.

Who are the hands behind Maiami?

The long-lasting and timeless handmade knitwear is produced in Germany, Italy and Bulgaria by knitters that Dietrich personally knows and with whom she has regular contact. This intimate work process ensuring right working conditions and fair pay for the team. And high-quality products for the consumers. 

Sustainability and transparency

Maiami takes sustainability and transparency seriously, and it shows in the hand-knitted cosy woollies that capture our current cultural Zeitgeist perfectly. After all, we are tired of mass-production and synthetic, and we are looking for a coming back to traditional handcraft and natural fabrics.

Handmade and made-to-order apparels are two very welcome trends nowadays. They reflect our desire for longer lifecycles clothes and less consumerism. It also involves a work process that beneficiate a community of hand workers who need our support to survive economically and artistically. The whole idea of slow-fashion, here embodied by hand knitwear, it’s the answer on how fashion can tackle sustainability issues.

The style

Another reason to have a crush on Maiami is its timeless style. Regularly during Fashion Week in Berlin, New York, Paris and Tokyo, Maike Dietrich shows patterns and colour combinations that result in a classic collection but with a twist when it comes to cut and proportions. The traditional art of knitting and high-quality yarns are responsible for the luxury factor of the label. Many multi-label stores around the world sell the lovely sweaters and accessories, but you can also buy in their e-shop.

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By Selma

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