The best X-Mas hairstyles Inspirations  Time to shine.

Christmas is basically seconds away, our gifts and what to wear to Christmas are being planned. So, next question is what are the best X-mas hairstyles? The messy bun or beach wave might be neat as a daily office look, but at Christmas time, your hairdo can be something a little more elegant. We are sure that you still have some sparkling hairpins, velvet ribbons or hairbands lying around somewhere and no clue when and how to wear them. This is when Christmas comes into play; the time of the year where everything sparkles and glitters – even your hair accessories.

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Pearly details

For an elegant and timeless Christmas look, don´t wear your pearls just around your neck or on your ears, wear them also in your hair. Pearly hair accessories look beautiful as a detail to your hairdo, and add nowness to your look. This Christmas wear several barrettes and clips together or a long pearl string hanging with your pony tail. The more the merrier.

A special gift

The best X-mas hairstyle is the one that make your hair looking beautiful like a gift. You can get velvet ribbons in basically every art supplies store, or beautiful hairclips with oversized and bejewelled bows that elevate any look like this one from Jennifer Behr. Choose colours that match your outfit, of course. It’s very feminine with the exact amount of vintage mood, Lolita.

Hairband action

Either oversized like the ones Prada made trendy some seasons ago or delicate ones, the hairbands are the easiest way to achieve a chic Christmas hairdo with zero effort. Go all Blair Waldorf Gossip Gitrl look. A simple velvet one is just as nice as an embellished version and works for straight and curly hair.

All that glitters

Christmas lights, shiny tree decorations and edible rhinestones on cookies – Christmas is all about the sparkles! So why not put something glittery on your hair? It could be some ornamented hair clip. Wear many of them together in different parts of your hair.

With these beautiful hair accessories, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Behr