The best women’s bags to accompany you to the office

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When I go to work, my office outfit is always completed by a big tote bag where I can carry all that I will need during the day and sometimes, during the night too. Like most of the working women, I leave home early in the morning and won’t come back till the evening. Besides carrying all that is essential for work, I also want to be prepared for any weather change, especially now in springtime, when an umbrella, an extra cardigan and a scarf can come in handy at any moment, so I always make sure to put them in my bag before leaving to work.

I like shopper bags that are comfortable to carry because, as I live in Vienna; I can walk to the office, which I consider an absolute luxury! From the office, I walk to a school where I teach a few evenings a week, so I need space in my bag not only for my laptop but also for class material.

When I go out at night, I usually go directly from work. For this reason, a big tote bag is convenient for carrying all I’ve already mentioned plus a makeup pouch, some other jewellery to dress up my office look and a small handbag or belt bag to use at night. Sometimes I even take some heels in my shopper when I’m in the mood of a dressier look! Luckily, there are plenty of seriously stylish shopper bags so that I can carry all that I need and still look chic to go to work.

I selected some big totes that are beautiful and super practical if you are anything like me and want space enough to carry in style all you can’t live without inside your bag:



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