The Best Looks For a Job Interview

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Okay, imagine this scenario: you applied for a job, are invited for an interview, feel all confident and prepared and then you realize that you have nothing to wear. Or at least you think you have nothing to wear. Horrible, right? Job interviews are stressful for most people and the last thing you want, is to feel uncomfortable in your own skin or clothes. You want to focus on your skills and your great personality and not think about whether your skirt is too short or your blouse appropriate for the job you´re applying.

Of course, you cannot just show up in whatever clothes you want since in some industries there are strict rules when it comes to work attire. Nevertheless, you still want to feel like yourself and not play dress up just to get a job, are you? Balance is key and finding the right mix between businesslike and individual is what you should aim for. We get that this is not always easy since there is no one-for-all solution for each and every job interview. We accepted this challenge though and found some really cool pieces that might also work for your upcoming interview.


At a job interview in finance, accounting, law or any other business that is rather serious and where people normally have very strict rules regarding their outfits, please don´t go crazy with cuts, colours and prints. We are not telling you to show up in a plain-Jane suit, but still keep in mind that a hot pink one is probably also not what your future bosses want to see. Instead go for something elegant and add little details that are not too in your face, but still make your rather businesslike look somewhat individual like cool shaped glasses, a structered bag or a nice piece of jewellery.




If you are having an interview at a cool magazine, an advertising agency, a start-up or any other creative company, then an equally creative look is the way to go. Apart from too short skirts and too much cleavage, there is not much you can do wrong (we are, of course, assuming that you have a basic sense of style). Just wear whatever fits the company. If you are having an interview at a fashion magazine, just show them your personal style and mix classic pieces with trendy ones. Or is a sporty start-up the company you want to work for? Then you might want to go for sneakers and some laid back, but stylish pants.

The stage is yours and the job for sure will be too!


All Photos via Shutterstock