The Best Glasses to Wear if You Have an Oval Face Shape

When it comes to so many different style choices, face shape plays a big role. Whether you are looking for a new haircut, different ways to style your makeup, or pick out your new style of shades, face shape (especially oval face shape) can have a big influence in what will look the most flattering.

While some popular glasses frames may be cat-eye styles, wayfarer glasses, or rimless specs, do these really compliment your features? We all know the feeling of trying on a pair of glasses but not knowing specifically what is so off! Chances are you have a stunning pair of shades and pretty face, but they are just not a good match. 

Choosing the right pair of glasses for your face shape is all about angles and complementing your natural pretty features. While there are always some exceptions to the rules, you can rely on these styles of glasses to be the perfect addition for those of us with an oval face shape. Consider some of these tips next time you go to pick out a new pair!

Gioavanna Bataglia at PFW wering a bold sunglasses perfect for oval face shape.

Those with oval faces find they have more options when it comes to glasses


What is an Oval Face Shape?

An oval face shape is described as having wider cheekbones, while the top and bottom of the head come to a gentle point. Typically those with oval faces find they have more options when it comes to glasses, haircuts, or even makeup options. They find their face is fairly balanced and only need subtle points that accentuate just a few features. 

Oval face shapes should avoid styles that elongate the face. While this is a bit more challenging to accomplish with sun or reading glasses, it is always good to keep in mind when shopping for eyewear.

The Best Glasses For Oval Faces

There are plenty of options that can flatter an oval face shape, those who have an oval face will find that there are a few features of glasses that will best compliment their oval features. Look for a pair of glasses that have a bold or oversized shape. Oftentimes these can complement an oval face due to adding some dimension and centering the eye. 


When considering what shape of glasses would be best for oval faces, we mentioned bold and oversized frames. Specifically, what shapes would really complement an oval face are those with sharp corners or edges. Think square, rectangular, or geometric shapes. Some of these popular styles of shades may come in wayfarer styles or hexagonal outlines. 

Compare this to those with diamond or heart-shaped faces. Those that come to a point will likely benefit more from rounded glasses. It is all about adding balance so consider whether your features are more round or pointed, then consider glasses that will counter that.

At first, you may be thinking these are quite boring and be looking for something a bit more fun. But don’t be discouraged just yet! Designers have gotten pretty creative with these styles and have found fashion-forward ways to make them look all sorts of cool.

collage with half rim, wayfarer and cateye glasses, the right format for oval face shape.

Half Rim Glasses, Wayfarer and Cateye

Half Rim Glasses

When considering which style is best half rim glasses are super trendy right now and can totally complement an oval face! Wait, are these a bit more rounded? While the corners are soft, consider the glasses as a whole. The frames cut off halfway down the lenses, creating a colorful sharp frame just above your brow. 

Since these are so popular right now you should have no problem finding them in many different sizes, colors, and prices.

fashionista wearing a rayban wayfarer perfect for oval face shape.

At Milan Fashion Week


Wayfarer Glasses

There is something about Wayfarer glasses that have a vintage and classic style that is just so reliable. They can go with a wide variety of outfits and the classic still is a simple black. In fact, Ray-Ban popularized this style with their wayfarer sunglasses back in the day so there is a good chance you already have a pair!

Wayfarer glasses are typically sturdy and have a subtle elegance that isn’t too fussy nor requires you to change your frames with every outfit. They are especially ideal, of course, for oval-shaped faces.

Bela Hadid for Miu Miu Eyewear campaign, wearing an cat-eye glasses

Miu Miu Eyewear

Courtesy @miumiu


These glasses just scream classy socialite with a sense for fashion. Due to their pointed tips, oval faces can rely on these glasses to create some dimension to balance out their features. These are perfect for a dressy date night or a sophisticated work look. The choice is yours!

Another fun way to bring in a bold element, almost essential for oval faces shape, is to adopt these glasses in a fun color like bright red or yellow! Find some quirky frames that are just as fun as your personality to really embrace all these personality-filled frames have to offer.

fashionista at CPHFW wearing a modern version of an aviator sunglasses.

Today we are seeing gold aviators become even more popular

Courtesy @CPHFW by Styledumonde


Aviators have probably one of the most classic looks, loved by pilots everywhere, we have all begun copying the signature frames. Those of us with oval faces can rejoice because they can actually be the perfect frames for our face shape.

While at first you may think aviator glasses are too rounded for your face, it is that iconic little bar that connects one lens to another on the top that adds the perfect amount of straight lines to make it complementary to your features. They have always been in style, but today we are seeing gold aviators become even more popular!

Any fashionista knows how important it is to pick items that complement their natural features. No matter what is on trend or fun item you received for your birthday, some items just aren’t for everyone. So when it comes to those of us with oval face shapes, while we may have a lot of flexibility, there are some choices that will lead you in the right direction. 

That may mean finding bold glasses that help prepare you to take on the day or flirty cat-eye lenses that will help you get in touch with your playful side. Consider these tips when you go shopping for your next pair of lenses.

Photos via Shutterstock, courtesy of Miu Miu and courtesy of CPHFW by Styledumonde

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