The Best Bags On Sale

13. August 2019

Sales have already begun with full force; it seems to me that every year they start earlier. And although this is the best time to go shopping, it is also when one must be more careful. I, for one, have already bought, on the spur of the moment, many things I didn’t need just because prices were low.

Having said that, we made a thorough selection, choosing the best offers of designer bags. A handbag should last more than one season in your wardrobe, even when being a fashionable bag, it has to have a classic or cult factor to ensure you’ll wear it for several years. Wanting to use only the latest-model bags is so nouveau-riche. By the way, have you already taken our test to know whether you are “new money” or “old money”? 🙂

We hand-picked luxurious handbags that are now under 700 Euros and that will dress up any outfit. We chose bags that you will still be able to enjoy during summer and carry them till fall. We also selected bags that you will use in winter to go to work for example, because they have the ideal colours and shape to accompany you in your daily life, carrying your agenda, papers, foulards and all you need to survive at the office. The third selection is of bags to use at night, for festive or formal occasions. Take advantage of the sales to buy them now and use your party bags at balls, cocktails during fall and all the festivities that precede Christmas.

Sale bags from summer to fall

This year, the most stylish Instagrammers carried straw bags on their arms, during winter too. In 2019, things won’t be any different.


Best price from fall to winter

We selected hues of caramels, browns and blacks in faux-fur and suede. We also chose some metallics and neons because we’ll see plenty of these colours and materials during next season.


Party bags on sale

Chic and extravagant are the keywords for party bags. We were lucky to find a black Simone Rocha and the Gold Red Valentino. If you don’t buy quickly, we’ll do it 🙂


Shop smart!


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