The 9 brands you should have in your shoe collection

Photo @ Aeyde

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As any woman who’s ever walked on earth, we love getting new shoes, and we own many more than we should. Many of these shoes were the result of an infatuation, a whim, and are now forgotten at the bottom of our shoe rack. Others, on the other hand, are a true and long-lasting love story and we keep wearing them over and over again.

To avoid pilling up shoes that we won’t be able to wear much because either the style and design will go soon out of fashion or because of their poor quality, we prefer investing in brands we already know, love and trust.

We selected 9 labels that make some of our favourite shoes, that are not only beautiful but also comfortable and long-lasting.

The classics

When speaking about shoes, one simply must mention Manolo Blahnik. The elegant pumps and mules are pure perfection. Long before Carrie Bradshaw begged the New York mugger not to take her Manolos in Sex in The City, Bianca Jagger was already rocking Manolos heels while riding a horse – led by a naked giant covered in golden glitter – at the legendary nightclub Studio 54 in 1977. Now talk about partying!


The Italian shoe brand Gianvito Rossi is well-known for some of the most comfortable stilettos in the world and this alone should make it worth it, but that’s not all; they are also beautiful and flattering! We also like the cool boots they make.


Chic with a twist

We love Rejina Pyo shoes. The London-based fashion brand creates elegant shoes with a twist. The feminine kitten heels and mules have little metal or wooden sculptures as heels.


Jacquemus, the creator of the insanely big straw hat that was an absolute hit on Instagram last summer, also creates wonderful shoes with sculptural heels.


Cult Gaia is a young brand that also plays with the statement heels of its beautiful mules and slingback pumps.


Neous is another contemporary brand that makes footwear with simple silhouettes but with incredible heels, some in plexiglass, others in wood with sculptural shapes. The shoes are produced in the factory in Italy that makes Ferragamo’s shoes, so you can be sure the quality is excellent.


The boots

The ankle boots by Ellery are the kind of cool shoes you will never want to take off your feet. The off-beat shapes, unexpected details and finishes make these boots perfect for day or night.


The Australian brand By Far makes contemporary shoes with a nostalgic vintage look and we especially like their booties. The shoes and bags, produced in premium Italian leather and suede, are on every cool girl’s Instagram feed.


Designed in Berlin, Aeyde shoes are handmade in Italy. True to the brand’s motto “making everyday modern”, Aeyde booties look good with basically any outfit. These trendy shoes have a simple enough design to last long, and the high quality of the materials and craftsmanship make sure they do.