Thank God, the sneakers trend will stay here for longer

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Rejoice, sneakers lovers, the trend for ugly sneakers is here to stay – at least for a bit longer – and this year, the kickers are even bigger and bolder, and while some say, uglier, we say chicer!

From Balenciaga to all our favourite Instagrammers and street style during fashion week, we’ve seen more and more stylish girls wearing ugly sneakers with thick soles and bold, vibrant colours, and some, even rocking full throttle platform sneakers à la Spice Girls.

For this spring, you might consider wearing your floral dresses with neon pink or lime sneakers like Prada’s Cloudbust sneakers and pair them with socks in another neon hue. Your colourful outfit will look super contemporary with a clash of vibrant colours, but you can also wear neon sneakers to brighten up your monochrome look.

If you have mountaineering sneakers, now’s the time to wear them in town too, just make sure they don’t have any mud stains! Dad sneakers with high-tech chunky soles and bright colours look great if you wear them in unexpected combinations; pair your chic pantsuit with chunky kickers.

Combine feminine midi-skirts with big ugly sneakers like the street-style savvy girls are already doing.

And don’t be shy, you can mix paillettes or sheer fabrics like lace and tulle with your bold kickers for a stylish look, and to add a bit more edge, wear tights with patterns.

The same goes with platform sneakers; they bring coolness to more formal outfits and look fabulous with another significant spring trend, the beige look, not to mention they give you extra height and are incredibly comfortable.



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