Weird Weather, Here We Are!


Sweatshirt weather is here, it means when the days start cold, reach noon super hot, and go back to cold in the afternoon. We all want to wear fewer clothes, no socks, no coats, like in Summer, but we usually end up with cold, sneezing, running nose, and feeling miserable.  To keep health and style hand in hand, Sweatshirts are the answer. They don't look bulky but are warm enough. You can pair them with many different styles of pants- jeans, tailored trousers, sweatpants.

Gucci sweatshirt with black pants and all blue look sweatshirt and pants- street style-

A sweatshirt will put a dash of pepper in any ladylike looks paired with plissé or pencil skirts and note that you should wear it with very feminine high heels. Contrast is everything! 

how to wear sweatshirts and skirts- street style- shutterstock

Balenciaga, GucciGosha Rubchinskiy, Kenzo are just some brands that have brought back sweatshirts and gave them the highest status in any cool wardrobe. This garment was first produced in 1930 by Champion for workers to wear in harsh weather and took off in the 70s with the hip-hop movement. They've appeared again in the 90s as the cool academic uniform, and 2018 they are all over in every street-style-fashion-week-parade. 

Photos via Shutterstock