It’s Monday and this grey, cold weather asks for a good old classic combo of a grey jumper and cosy pants. However, there is a bunch of stylish ideas to have in mind to survive the rest of the week at the office with a lot more of style. So let's look right into our lookbook of ideas and organize them into our working week. Hopefully, these office looks goals might keep you excited throughout the whole week.


Mondays are usually hard and long. The perfect outfit could easily be as we said above, a good old oversized pullover or cardigan that keeps you cosy and warm throughout the long day. Depending on what your profession is you can go for a more casual option. Don’t be afraid to combine a pullover with a more elegant pair of trousers, sometimes the contrast can be strategically amazing.


Save Tuesdays for the suit power. Tuesdays can be as hard as Mondays if not even more and it is important to remind the world the power that we, women fought for and still continue to fight for. A Suit in our opinion is the perfect option for a powerful Tuesday. Our tip would be to try and fit in all the meetings on Tuesdays, like this you will create a strong impression and you will have the power to confront the rest of the week.


Wednesdays are what we like to call the unnecessary day of the week. The weekend vibes are still too far away and we have two long days behind us that have left us practically with no inspiration. So a good remedy is wearing a nice feminine look. Skirts are winners. Wear something that makes you feel feminine and pretty. Give some meaning to a boring Wednesday by wearing your favourite dress or skirt and voilà, you just rolled into Thursday like a boss, looking amazing. Way to go.


Thursdays mean creativity. Thursdays have plenty of room to create and wear whatever makes you happy. Try combining patterns or try the craziest patterns you have in your closet. Those things you never know when to wear or never find the “the right moment”. Go crazy, Thursdays stand for attitude.



Finally, the week is done and your outfit knows it. Save the casual look for Fridays, something that might be “after-office-friendly”. There is nothing like a relaxed, improvised glass of wine with your office team.


Images via Pinterest