Outfit inspiration: embroidered pieces to wear every day Mango, H&M and CO.

The craft of embroidery is one of the hottest trends for this summer. You will see embroidered pieces everywhere; in clothes and accessories with naive florals, folklore-inspired embellishment, geometric designs and even political slogans.

Embroidery adds value to any outfit, from T-shirts and jumpers to sophisticated dresses. It refers us to the craftsmanship that makes clothes look expensive even if they aren’t.

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From the office to going out with friends

Linen-blend embroidered kaftan from Mango

Linen-blend embroidered kaftan from Mango

To go to work, you can choose a piece of clothing like this boho-chic Kaftan from Mango. If you need something more formal, go for an embroidered shirt that you can pair with a suit or skirt. We made a selection of the most beautiful and affordable tops for you.

During the weekend at the beach or the countryside, go for embroidered boho dresses and kaftans that look relaxed and effortlessly chic. Choose different accessories and you’ll be able to wear the same dress for a formal or informal occasion.

Embroidery is for everyone

Embroidered blouse paired with cowboy boots from Mango

Don’t worry about looking like you’re wearing your grandma’s clothes. Or worse, your grandma’s tablecloth. Embroidery gives a cool vintage touch to all outfits, which is precisely what you want this season. It’s feminine and romantic, but if you want to balance it with your boyish style, add boots to the outfit, for example.

For Summer and Fall

Embroidered pieces and summer go hand-in-hand, but you will be able to keep wearing them throughout fall and winter too. For example, a shirt with a collar embellished with embroideries can be a cool detail under a pullover. In other words, embroidery is timeless and seasonless. 

Let your artisan side comes out and DIY

If you like handicrafts, embroidery is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your clothes. Up-date and give a second life to old garments, refreshing your wardrobe while you have fun with the needles. Up-cycling and sustainability are the new fashionable. Just follow the DIY tutorial here to make your embroidered pieces at home. We suggest you “borrow” a shirt from your husband or boyfriend and embroider your initials on it. Oversized shirts are another big trend this year, and your initials will add a cute – and unique – detail to your new shirt.

  • All you need to embroider a shirt.

Tutorial via HonestlyWTF, title photo via Boden.