My experience using Bi-Oil


Stretch marks, scars, acne, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dry and aging skin, If you've been googling one of these words recently, lo and behold, here’s the answer to all your problems!

Are you tired of spending fortunes on beauty creams and lotions, looking for some miracle potion that will make your skin look radiant, young and fresh forever?  Well, I was…

So I decided 2 months ago to follow the advice of Notorious Chief Editor and bought an inconspicuous little bottle with this pink/orange liquid, Bio-Oil, which was kind of forgotten on one of the shelves that you never pay attention to, at the back of the Drugstore. Kind of sad for such a wonderful product.


According to the producer, Bio-Oil is the world’s leading scar and stretch mark product and this miracle oil has won so many awards during the years I can hardly believe I hadn’t heard about it before!

You can use Bio-Oil for almost everything, from scars and stretch marks to aging skin.

When used on scars and stretch marks, Bio-Oil nourishes the skin, making it more supple and helping marks to fade away also preventing new ones to appear.

Bio-Oil is so light that your skin will quickly absorb it without leaving it sticky, so you can use it on your face with no problem. And don’t worry about applying your make-up after, just wait a couple of minutes and it won’t smudge away!

The magical Bi-Oil's formula is a blend of vitamins A and E with plant extracts such as Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, and Chamomile.

It is wonderful not only to reduce your wrinkles but also to even your skin-tone - especially after those long exposures to the sun we all love and during pregnancy or menopause- It improves the appearance of scars and acne scars and gives your skin an overall better and healthier look.

I’ve been using it twice a day since and feel that it really moisturizes my skin and improves its elasticity, I became totally addicted to it!

My skin and pocket thank me!  


Photo @shutterstock