A blast from the past


We see many trends from the past having a revival these days, even the things that made us cringe and that we swore never to wear again… Now, also the stirrup pants are back and we've actually started to think they’re rather cool! Though it still seems to be questionable to fix your pants underneath the soles of your shoes (especially when it’s wet), it IS a thing to do. There is actually a purpose behind it, namely to keep the pants down while wearing riding boots. Equestrianism is the branch that stirrup pants were actually made for in the 20’s (hard to guess, right?), being later adopted by skiers as well, but as nothing seemed to be impossible, or rather say, untouchable, in the 80s; also these pants made their way to fashion. I remember wearing as a kid some brown stirrup pants with white side stripes to go to sports class and I absolutely hated them, but in the 2018 version, these kind of leggings with straps are more structured and less tight. They actually look more like pants than leggings, they are chicer and can be worn to go to the office and even to go out at night.

Streetstyle_Stirrup pants_Checkered pants with straps

Balenciaga, Marni, Gucci, Burberry and Joseph, among the many designers who first brought them back, showed us that stirrup pants don’t have to look sporty all the time, pairing them with embellished heels and glamorous tops. Victoria Beckham had her models wearing simple black stirrups pants with long coats or under dresses with kitten heels in her F/W’18 collection.

Street style pros, style influencers and fashionistas loved the revival of these pants that go hand-in-hand with the athleisure trend and the comeback of iconic pop group ABBA. The high street brands were quick to follow the trend and you can now find stirrup pants at Urban Outfitters, Mango and Gap too.

Stirrup pants,Mango, Burberry and Joseph

So if you want to add some coolness to any look, all you need is a pair of trousers with straps. You can wear them with high heels for a sleek look or in a more casual look like the mega-stylish Sienna Miller, who was spotted last weekend in New York wearing stirrup pants paired with Birkenstocks, just remember that in today’s cooler version, you should wear the straps on the outside and over your shoes instead of inside them. So don’t be shy and let everyone see your statement straps over all types of shoes!