This is the new denim trend of the season


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You love your cropped skinny or mum jeans? Trust us, we do too. They fit all body shapes, they come in different colours and are a girl´s true best friend. They look cool with every shoe, show some ankle and are overall very flattering and we will probably never stop wearing them.

The newest denim trend though is taking a completely different direction: wide legged, full length, slightly flared and very retro looking. They sit comfortably on the waist, have a relaxed silhouette, got some 70s as well as 90s vibes to them and give you that effortless look that can either be dressed up or down. Wear them with a crisp tee for an easy daytime look or with a silk shirt and a cropped leather jacket for a night out. 

The only thing you have to consider are the shoes. Whereas you would pair your cropped pair of jeans with sneakers, sandals or ballet flats, these should obviously be worn with heels. But you don´t have to get your 10cm Manolo´s out of the closet, a little pointed bootie will also do (perfect for fall!).

Many brands are doing them now and we also have already made up a shopping list with potential pairs that we´d like to share with you!

Photo via Shutterstock