Get To Know Holland & Holland


Photo via Shutterstock

Stella Tennant was born in Scotland, where she still lives with French husband and 4 children. She is the granddaughter of the Duchess of Devonshire and grew-up on a sheep farm, surrounded by all English Heritage could offer her.

While attending the Winchester School of Art studying sculpture in the early 90’s she sent a photo of herself for a fashion magazine and her unusual look and style -she had a bull-ring piercing in her nose in the best mix old-school and Brit eccentric- caught the attention of photographer Steven Meisel who shot her for British Vogue. After that Stella Tennant became the face of Versace and Chanel and appeared in all major fashion magazines, being photographed by Mario testing, Paolo Roversi, Corinne Day and many others.

In 1998, after her first baby, Stella tried to retire from modeling. Although she was able to diminish her appearances, she still worked in several campaigns and shows for brands such as Burberry and Chanel.

Stella Tennant has been the perfect embodiment of British Aristocracy: the posh countryside English-rose mixed with punk eccentricity and rebellious attitude! 

Besides modeling, in 2011 Stella Tennant founded with one of her sisters, Issy, Tennant & Tennant Gilded Pleasures, a company of interior design, where you could find beautiful objects inspired by nature and covered with thin gold leafs for your, you guessed it, countryside house! 

In 2016 Stella was approached by Holland & Holland’s to be its creative director and reimagine their pret-a-porter collections. At first, she didn’t accept it, but later said she would only accept it if she were to work with her close friend Isabella Cawdor, whom she met more than 20 years ago during a shoot in Arizona when Tenant was still a newly discovered model and Isabella was a fashion editor at British Vogue. The two became instant BFF and even after getting married and becoming moms, they kept very close, and so did their children - each one has 4- even spending vacations together.

Holland & Holland is a quintessentially posh British brand, that has been making shotguns and shooting gear since1835. Now with Stella and Isabella, the brand hopes to offer clothes a bit more stylish, that can be worn in the countryside to go walk your dog or go shooting but are chic enough to be also worn in the city.  About this collection, Stella says: “Everything takes you from town to country. You know, so you don’t look silly when you turn up at King’s Cross station.”

You can follow the brand's lifestyle at its best on Instagram, with the beautiful Stella Tennant in almost every photo!