With all this overflow of festive outfits, ball gowns and Christmas party looks, we almost forgot to consider our bling-bling. Even our hairdo has already been defined, but there is still one thing missing to complete the look: the jewellery! For Christmas season, it is totally acceptable to exaggerate it a little and bring the big guns in. Because it is now or never, the time for big earrings, tacky rings and statement necklaces. The latter is, what is on today’s agenda. 
All year round, we love dainty jewellery, delicate necklaces with sweet, little pendants; rose-gold or silver-coloured, that conform with any outfit. They are lovely, but they don’t stand out. The statement pieces that are called into action NOW, are exactly the opposite. They are big and bold, and they are not supposed to get lost in the outfit. And they won’t. Contrasts and breaks of style are very welcome – and so are mixes of patterns, materials, and applications! The jewellery doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be in line with the outfit. 
Pearls or gemstones of the necklace subside on sequined dresses, embroidered jumpers, and romantic laces. For a more party-appropriate styling, they cover nearly completely the bare skin of the décolleté – almost like a scarf!  

5 different types of statement necklaces are to be distinguished: 


Ethno Style

Katerina Psoma "Nuwa" Necklace




Rada' Pearl Necklace


The Chocker


Chiara Ferragni Eye Chocker


Christmas Decoration


Night Market Collar Necklace 


Plastic Blooms





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