Bring the Fifties on!


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Sometimes we feel like there is a new trend popping up every week. Whereas some appear new and unexpected, the one we are presenting you now is rather a resurfacing classic. Fifties inspired dotted dresses, tops and skirts with lots of ruffled details are big now and perfect for the last summer days. The flowy materials of the pieces will give your look a summery and nonchalant feeling that makes you want to swirl around all day (and night).
We know what you are about to say now… you don´t want to buy pieces that you can just wear for the next one and a half months at a max and then say goodbye to your new items for almost a year. We get that and thus are very happy to tell you that your dotted pieces can also easily be worn during the colder months! Booties, a leather jacket or a big, chunky scarf will add a cool and edgy touch to the quite feminine pieces and make them appropriate for fall. So, no need to complain. 

Black dots on bright colours are an eyecatcher per se. Some nice slippers (the fur-lined ones will keep you warm even in October) and a matching bag don´t drag the attention away from the dotted pieces, but will complement it. An ideal outfit for transitioning from summer into fall.


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The classic white on black combo will probably never go out of style, because as we already said dots are a reoccuring trend that is coming back over and over and over again. If you are new to the whole dotty phenomenon, then you should probably start with this colour mix, since it is the most timeless one.


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Or you go the other way round with black on white!


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Netti Weber is wearing a dotted midi skirt by T&t Stories and combined it with a striped blouse - the perfect pattern mix if you ask us. This retro yet modern look is perfect for the office, an afterwork drink with the besties or a picknick on the weekend. 


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