Simonett is your brand for feminine, modern and affordable clothes

6. August 2019

Solar dress by Simonett. Photo courtesy of Simonett.

Simonett is a new American ready-to-wear and accessories label founded by Simonett Pereira. The brand’s creative director had previously launched Style Mafia at only 22, a fashion brand that had “the youth and progressive nature of Miami in mind”, as she explained. Pereira rebranded Style Mafia, renaming it Simonett in January this year.

The young creative director and businesswoman designs affordable clothes that are season-less. Because she doesn’t follow trends, you can wear the beautiful garments with fluid silhouettes over the years. I like the clothes because they are feminine and modern at the same time and make you look chic yet cool, whether you wear them to go to the office or a party. Her designs have complex constructions and proportions; they look luxurious and high-end, but Pereira manages to maintain them at affordable prices.

As many brands nowadays, Simonett strives to be a sustainable label, maintaining transparency in its supply chain. The clothes are manufactured with high standards and ethical conditions in several factories in Asia. The brand has a limited production of 100 of every item to avoid waste, and they also recycle the clothes their clients do no longer want.

Simonett is definitely a label to keep an eye on, trust me! And you should take advantage that not many people know this brand – yet- and be one of the firsts to wear it!


All photos courtesy of Simonett


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