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From what we saw in the catwalk shows, shorts are definitely the staple you will be wearing this spring and summer. From Chanel to Zara, all fashion labels have adopted this trend, and there are so many different kinds of shorts that you will surely find one that suits your style, your body type and age.

You must be thinking that there’s nothing new in this trend, since we all have been wearing shorts forever, at the beach and during vacations, but this spring, you’re going to wear your shorts in a more urban and chic manner, and you’re going to wear them everywhere, even to go to the office!

Just make sure to follow your guidelines, and we assure you, you will look smashing.

Micro Shorts

Shorts: the trend for all body types and ages

For the younger ones or better saying, for the perfect-legs-lucky-ladies, you can replace your minis with short shorts. But don’t go for the obvious distressed denim micro shorts; choose instead a tailored model in linen that looks very chic or paper bag waist shorts that are super flattering. Pair your shorts with a nice shirt and driving mocs, loafers or sneakers. Micro shorts look good on the average woman. But you have to consider that your legs will be exposed, so if they are not that firm and toned, you can wear the next options that are more flattering for you. 


Longer Shorts

Shorts: the trend for all body types and ages

Prada presented gorgeous longer shorts in the S/S19 collection and turned the Mom’s shorts into the trendiest model. The lengthier shorts suit every woman and every body-type. Pair your shorts with a blazer or a crisp shirt for a chic and urban outfit. Remember, in this case; high heels are your best friends because who doesn't want some centimetres more legs? 


Long Shorts

Shorts: the trend for all body types and ages

These shorts end just above or just under your knees (sincerely, they are my choice!) and are an excellent option for women who want to wear shorts but don’t want to show too much of their legs. You can wear the long shorts like regular Bermuda shorts. Their length is appropriate for your office outfit; they look great with a shirt tucked in and kitten heels that make your legs look longer. Also, choose shorts with a tailored and slightly loose cut which are more flattering, and pair your shorts with a blazer for a contemporary office look. For a less "madame" and much cooler style, try, like Caro Daur in the photo, with sheer black knee-long socks and laced shoes. 


Cycling Shorts

Shorts: the trend for all body types and ages

If you are the fashionista type, this is the one for you. The bike short trend is stronger than ever this spring, and we’ve seen them not only on Chanel’s runway but also in the streets during fashion week and on Instagram. It is a tricky trend though, and you must know how to style it not to look like an ironman. The first thing to remember is: you’re not taking part in the Tour de France bike race nor at your gym. Make sure to wear your bike shorts with a tailored blazer or shirt long enough to cover your bum, and pair them with some beautiful shoes and bag, to make your look as polished as you can. Pay attention that it's a piece that puts your knees in the spotlight. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, jump to the long Bermuda option, and you will be not only on trend but also perfect!



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