Hasta la vista, baby!


Even though there are a bunch of fashionistas who claim to be “ugly shoe lovers” like Leandra Medine from Man Repeller, there are some shoes that we should totally start forgetting and we really mean it. 
A pair of shoes can make or can destroy an entire look. Wearing last-year-trend shoes can compromise and dated your outfit. That's why we invest so much in shoes!
Trends come and go, it's the natural cycle of lifestyle :). So, we list here four types of shoes
that you have let them go from your wardrobe; and their substitutes, the new ones that will follow you through a stylish and fresh Spring. 

Bye to wedge sneakers. Hello to simple clean sneakers.

This trend can be confusing because there are so many trainers and sneakers swimming around the fashion ocean that the ugliest ones manage to camouflage within the pretty versions. However, the trend 2018 moves toward the simple types, cleaner, privileging understatement, where less is more.

Bye to gladiator sandals. Hello to naked sandals.

They fought a good battle in the mid 00’s, but gladiator sandals have already died and we are not positive that they will ever be back in our shoe closets. And that’s okay with us. However, consider those beautiful simple sandals, just with a fine strip of leather that make your feet look absolutely sexy. 

Bye to peep-toe shoes. Hello to V-neck shoes.

We surely loved this trend, back when it became popular but we haven’t heard of them for too long. Now, to get the same girly vintage look, go for v-neck pumps. They are the coolest thing on the streets.

Bye to flatforms. Hello to mules.

Flatforms are comfortable and are going to be seen for a while, but a real stylish girl is already a step forward from the crowd, right? So, you can consider to give up your chunky friend and join the slim world of the mules. 

Title image pimmy1994 and Shutterstock