This New Straw Bag Is a Must.


A trend that has started last Summer just grew strong during Fall and will be a hot mini-trend next season. So put on the top of your wish list the mini straw bags or picnic bags as they are known.

Don’t mistake the new straw bag for your beach bag, they are completely different. The new straw bagS or picnic bags are small and round; if they could speak, the language would be French; when walking in the street, carrying your little bag, you should have the feeling that you are carrying inside of it a bottle of wine and a fresh baguette. Did you get the feeling? 

Consider to wear the picnic bags not only in Summer or sunny days, the street style muses are incorporating this sweet bag in Winter in the city, paring it with pullovers, cashmere, loafers, even faux fur coats. The contrast is a happy accident, the picnic bag brings a naïveté and femininity to any look. Try on your jeans, white t-shirt and a leather jacket, the most androgynous outfit, then add a picnic bag, and Voilá, you become instantly Jane Birkin in the 70s. This photo explains everything!

We’ve selected some amazing street style photos to inspire you on how to wear the picnic bag. Better saying, how to wear YOUR picnic bag, because for sure you’ll have one. Think about it, you don’t have to buy any new things to be up to date in fashion, but just the right accessories. 

That’s why we’ve also selected the best picnics bags brands and models that you can find online. Allons-y!  Let’s go shopping