The summer exhibition you cannot miss.


A warm summer evening, the beautiful gardens at Schloss Belvedere and an exhibition that is equally pretty – the opening of “Sag´s durch die Blume! Wiener Blumenmalerei von Waldmüller bis Klimt” at the Orangery on the 22nd of June felt almost like a fairytale. The subject of the exhibition could not fit the location and the current season any better and is truly fascinating.

“Sag´s durch die Blume! Wiener Blumenmalerei von Waldmüller bis Klimt”

From the late 18th until the early 20th century the flower picture was changing tremendously and Vienna was the centre of the ongoing diversification. It seems obvious now that an exhibition of this type takes place in our capital city. About one hundred paintings, sketches and sculptures by artists like Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele among others are displayed. 

Gustav Klimt, Sonnenblume, 1907/1908

Although this exhibition seems to be mainly for the eye, you still can tell a lot about social life and the circumstances of the era at that time and how they definitely had an influence on the different approaches that were taken by the various artists. 
If you fear that you don´t have the necessary knowledge and thus fail to understand the deeper meaning of some of the exhibits, we can put your mind at ease: it is also quite satisfying to just look at them and appreciate their beauty and the artistic craftsmanship. 

Egon Schiele, Bildnis Dr. Franz Martin Haberditzl, 1917

The exhibition is open until the 30th of September 2018, so take some time off after work, walk around the lovely outside area at Schloss Belvedere and then treat yourself with some art!

Photos: Johannes Stoll, © Belvedere, Wien