But is she the best example of women's empowerment?


Robyn Rihanna Fenty, or just Rihanna, as she’s better known, is not only a singer, songwriter and actress, her name is a powerhouse that has already turned into a multi-million best-selling music, cosmetic and fashion empire. But is she the example of a powerful woman?

Rihanna's Business

Only 15 years after auditioning for rapper and producer Jay-Z, the Barbadian singer has become a pop-icon. She was ranked 4th most powerful celebrity by Forbes and Time included her on its annual list of the most influential people of the world. Her Instagram account has 62.7m followers! Rihanna seems to have the Midas touch, turning everything she touches into gold. In 2016 she collaborated with Puma, generating a billion-dollar sales as its creative director. She became an ambassador for Dior and collaborated with Manolo Blahnik.

Her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, that she launched in 2017, is an absolute success as it offers 40 shades of foundations, for example, to match all skin tones. Rihanna says it is a brand made to include all races and cultures.

That same year, she had another incredible success with her lingerie, loungewear and sleepwear collection, Savage x Fenty, which she advertises strongly on her Instagram with plenty of photos of herself making faces, clad in sexy underwear. Her lingerie comes in 7 “nude" shades to match to every skin colour and they are modelled by women of all sizes such as Audrey Ritchie, a plus-size Instagram celebrity. 


Rihanna's Message

While Rihanna, in a very positive way, says she wants women to embrace their uniqueness and wants to encourage confidence and strength in them, she also says that she wants women to think they are “bad bitches”. I don’t really think this is the best message to her young fans who are made to think that female empowerment is to behave like a “bad girl” and use sexuality in order to advance in life, which is quite the opposite of female empowerment! Why doesn't Ms Fenty talk about her business skills with her fan-base?

Stella McCartney said Rihanna was “one of the coolest, hottest, most talented, most liked, most listened to, most followed, most impressive artist at work today,” and CEO Georg Richter said: “A person like her has it easy in this business, because people are already looking for her – she’s a modern influencer. It’s hard to start something if you don’t have that reach.” So we do hope Rihanna will use such a powerful influence she has achieved over the years and her Midas touch to set an example of REAL women's empowerment for the millions of fans she has around the world.

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