Is this the fashion dispute of the year?


Affiliate programs are a great way for bloggers and influencers to make money and provide their followers with detailed information about their #OOTD´s. If you are on Instagram, you might have noticed that many Austrian bloggers are using some kind of affiliate program as well. The most known one for sure is RewardStyle and its app whereas a follower you can screenshot the looks of your favourite influencers and then get all the outfit details including where to shop them. The influencer in return gets a commission for every purchased item. So far, so good.

Then there is, a quite famous lifestyle site for women who used to work with ShopStyle, another big affiliate program (and competition to Again, so far, so good, but there is a problem: Apparently Popsugar has taken hundreds of pictures from influencers without their knowledge. They removed all the RewardStyle links that were attached to them and used the content with affiliate links from ShopStyle on Is this audacious? Yes. Is this messy? Yes.

RewardStyle is now suing Popsugar, because they obviously made a profit from the revenues of RewardStyle co-founder and president Amber Venz Box also found more than 1800 of her personal pictures on and said that this matter has to resort in legal measures. Are we curious about how this is going to continue? Yes, because this (apart from the dilemma that more and more fashion houses are currently selling their businesses or parts of them to larger firms) might be the biggest fashion debacle of the year and we will definitely take another note of this as the lawsuit proceeds.