Hint: It´s not just about sand and salty water


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Summer is here and your next vacation probably right around the corner. While this is the most fun time for beauty lovers in terms of bright make-up looks, colourful nails and sun-kissed skin, it can be the most challenging one regarding your hair. 
The one hairstyle that we are all longing for in the sunny season is most definitely beach waves. We see them in magazines, on Instagram and even the girl next to you at the pool seems to know how to do it. So what´s the secret behind those loose and perfectly shaped locks that everyone is so obsessed with?
Well, this is something we asked ourselves a lot of times the past couple of summers and truth be told: for most of us sand and salty water just won´t do the job.
The good news is that the beauty industry is not letting us down on this one. So, getting a little help from one of the many brands out there won´t hurt and might take you a step closer to the hairstyle that you´ve been admiring for years now, but never really managed to achieve. So here is how to:

1.    First of all, don´t do beach waves on freshly washed hair if possible. Second day hair is the better option when doing this hairstyle, because of its non-slip texture. Dampen your hair now with water and then use your salt spray of choice on the ends of your hair.

2.    Now roughly blow dry your hair or if you let it air-dry – it´s up to you. 

3.    When your hair is fully dry, take sections of various sizes and wrap them around your curling tong. Make sure to curl them in different directions to get the loose and undone finish that you are looking for.

4.    For a more natural look flip your head over and use your fingers to loosen it up a bit. Finally, add some hairspray and you are good to go and ready for a day out in the heat!

Photo via Shutterstock, Gisele Bündchen with her iconic hairstyle, the queen of beach waves!