Pyjamas On Christmas Day? Why not?

The holiday season is here. It is time for celebrations with your dear ones, for joy and love, but it is also time to relax in cosy pyjamas, enjoying lazy days and nice hot chocolate with Christmas cookies and Stollen next to a fireplace.

Christmas is a family time, and it’s not just any time, it is a special holiday! So it’s only natural that you want to look your best in front of all your family and extended family, even when in your pyjamas.

You want to be comfortable in your nightwear, but you want the people around you to feel comfortable too, so remember you’re not alone; sheer or short nightgowns are a NO-GO.

Too tight or revealing nightwear is not an option your in-laws may appreciate! Choose some beautiful PJs instead, in luxurious silk or natural cotton.

Your loungewear can be with fun and bright prints to contrast the cold weather outside or, if you are more of a minimalist person, with classic stripes or dots.

Who says you cannot look glamorous for breakfast? Masculine PJs in opulent fabrics are very chic and feminine, just ask Coco Chanel if you don’t believe me!


Photo via Shutterstock