Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la


Do you feel like having brunch in cosy pyjamas on Christmas Day? Why not? If you choose the right nightwear, you can look your best to celebrate Christmas with your family even when still in your pyjamas.

You love to spend lazy days in comfortable pyjamas, of course, but people around you should feel comfortable too. Avoid babydoll-like nightwear; they aren't really sexy - just saying -  and you wouldn't want to give extra ammunition to your sweet mother-in-law, now would you? Choose instead, some chic PJs in luxurious silk, satin or natural cotton. 

We did a list of styling pyjamas that work perfectly from the bed to the breakfast table. And while we were searching for the brands, I bumped in a sweet brand on Instagram; Desmond & Dempsey, a guy and a girl making pyjamas that will change your Sundays forever. 



Black & white is a winning combination, if you don’t believe me, have a look at Coco Chanel! Dark florals are also very chic and one of the significant trends we showed you in the article Fall/Winter 2019: the 10 new looks you want to know. You can't go wrong with any of these fancy pyjamas fit for a diva.



Palazzo Pyjamas

Colourful loungewear can also be elegant. Not to mention that bright prints contrast nicely with the cold weather outside. The bold floral PJs look so opulent you will feel like in a Sicilian Palace of Visconti's movie "Il Gattopardo".



Wild Chicness

Animal prints have invaded the bedroom too. Leopard and tiger pyjamas not only look chic but also give you permission to roar at anyone who dares to speak to you before your first cup of coffee.



Feathers and silk for breakfast? Why not?

Who says you cannot look glamorous for breakfast? Start your day wearing the same you would wear at a chic pyjama party - or at any party for that matter. Masculine PJs in opulent fabrics are super feminine and elegant, and you can even go out in your silk Palazzo pyjamas. For an extra-glam entrance and a bit of drama, add some ostrich feathers and ta-da!


Good morning!


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