A good reason to shop the brand´s newest pieces


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After struggling with declining sales, Prada is finally back on track. Over the last couple of years the Italian luxury brand had to deal with profit loss and wasn´t able to connect with the younger, modern luxury clients. Prada, which is known for its quality leather goods used to be one of the top players of the industry and it thus it felt so unexpected to see the brand floundering.
Prada has simply neglected to align to the ever-growing online community and the millennial audience. They failed to react to the needs and preferences of the 18-35 age segment who are seeking cool, high-end leisure wear. While other brands always had a strong online presence, Prada has remained “old school” and didn´t quite adapt to the digital behaviour of this important target group.
Last year they realised that sticking to old patterns doesn´t get them anywhere and that´s why they decided to (finally) jump on the bandwagon and to improve their retail range, e-commerce and social channels. The first six months of 2018 already showed that this strategy is obviously bearing fruit because retail sales have risen 9.7%.
We are very happy that Prada is recovering and took this as an excuse to shop some of the pieces.

PRADA A/W 2018

Prada´s A/W 2018 collection was a mix between dark and monochrome looks including raincoat-like jackets, hats, colourful patterns and cool statement accessories made out of nylon. The versatile designs are for sophisticated fashionistas who like to risk something and stand out.

Prada is back on track

Crazy prints, masculine shirts and logos all over - the pieces of the collection definitely make a statement. The versatile pieces might seem unwearable, but if you mix the extravagant items with more basic ones, a cool look is guaranteed for sure!

Prada is back on track