K fashion, K beauty and K Pop inspiring the world!


The 2020 S/S Seoul Fashion Week may have just finished, but we’re still obsessing over the incredible street-style looks in the streets of South Korea's capital.

Koreans have become a significant influence in the past years, not only with their colourful fashion but also with their cosmetic industry and K Pop music. K music and its fashion style are massive trendsetters as they become viral hits on the web, like for example, the new single of j-hope, “Chicken Noodle Soup”.

Women around the world are crazy about K beauty products and facial yoga. By the way; if you’re not doing the facial exercises yet, read here why you should start facial yoga ASAP.

Seoul is definitely a place to look for fashion inspiration; even little children look fashionable and über-cool in Korea!




The stylish Korean women are already wearing all the fall/winter 2019 new looks we've been talking about such as bucket hats, trench coats with puff sleeves, vests, animal prints, beige, and matching tights and shoes. They know how to look stylish in a turtleneck and are rocking the fall colours trends that fashion designers presented on the catwalks such as gold, lavender and avocado green.

Get inspired by the fabulous street style we saw during Seoul Fashion Week:



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Have a great and colourful week!