Augarten and KPM go street style!


Old traditional European porcelains and Pop Culture have been walking hand-in-hand for some time now.

Some years ago, the Austrian 300-year-old elegant brand Augarten started this conversation between classic and pop culture when it asked Agency 4e7 to refresh the company’s image and bring back its lost brand awareness.

The Vienna-based Agency 4e7 produced provocative videos to launch the multimedia campaign “Augarten Brennt”, inviting street artists to an unusual online art contest. The campaign generated a massive interest among street artists, bloggers and the public who voted online to choose the ten finalists who then painted the walls inside the Augarten Palais! The campaign ended with a huge hip-hop party for 1500 guests in the Augarten manufactory. The three winning pieces were auctioned at the Dorotheum Auction house and ended up displayed at art galleries in Vienna and New York.

The daring campaign was ranked among the ten best Crowdsourcing Campaigns in German-Speaking Area and appeared in 300 online articles and Prime-Time news, generating a huge media and public interest. 4e7 gave the über-traditional Augarten Porcelain a new image and through this collaboration, showed that elegant and sophisticated china could also be modern and on trend.

Now, another traditional porcelain manufacturer is making a new collaboration; KPM and Birkenstock. The two German brands teamed up to launch last month a collaborative collection of sandals that are selling faster than hotcakes!

Birkenstock and KPM collaboration

KPM, short for Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin and also known as Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin, was founded by King Frederick II of Prussia in 1763. and is a highly respected and traditional house. This collaboration has given Birkenstock a bit of chicness and KPM, on the other hand, gets some more visibility. Not a bad trade :)