...and with them, of course, the chain belts!


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We cannot say chain belt without thinking Chanel and Claudia Schiffer, the official queen of Chanel, on the runway in pink tweed suits and golden chain belts. The late 90s and early 2000s marked the era of the metal accessory and we are sure you also wore them (most probably with low-cut jeans). Fast-forward to 2018 and here we go again. As one would almost expect, Chanel picked the trend up and made it a wardrobe staple again. 

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But it is not just Karl Lagerfeld who felt all nostalgic. Other big brands recently jumped on the bandwagon too. You for sure remember Dior’s golden (or the newer, updated version in black) chain belts with the hanging pendants or Gucci´s crystal-embellished Double-G one. Chain belts already made it from the runway to the streets and influencers around the globe are demonstrating how to wear them the right way. 

So, have in mind that your chain belt is like jewellery, an adornment more than an actual belt. You can wear it over dresses, skirts or pants - just don’t expect it to keep your pants up! And since fall is almost there - hurray - pair your chain belt with your beautiful blazers, but remember, this fall you’re supposed to wear the belt over the blazer and not the other way around!

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Photos via Instagra @chiaraferragni and @allaboutelisa

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