Notorious News – What happened while we were packing for Madrid

Last week, we had a hard time trying to pack for Madrid. Maybe it was because of the heat or the full moon, or perhaps just because there was so much going on that we couldn’t focus on the luggage, who knows 😉

Here’s the news that caught our attention the most:

The Dandy Diary

Fata Morgana from DANDY DIARY on Vimeo.

The provocative blog from Berlin about men’s fashion posted a satire that has caused a heated discussion and a much-needed debate about the double standards of the fashion industry and our society as a whole. Although the creators of the blog, David Kurt Karl Roth and the late Carl Jakob Haupt, can be too hardcore, the bad-boys of fashion blogging hold up a mirror to the fashion business, exposing hypocrisy. For this action, the Dandy Diary sent actors with hidden cameras to a luxury department store, posing as a sheikh and his three wives. A group of salespeople accompany the fake clients and wait on the Sheikh as if he were a god. The false Sheikh’s behaviour is inappropriate and outrageous, but the salespeople pretend all is fine and normal. They nod and smile politely even when the “V.I.P customer” chooses super sexy lingerie for his 14-year old wife and calls the German people promiscuous. The Sheikh states he is a civil rights activist because he buys stuff for his wives, who by the way, cannot be talked to nor speak. The actor has the salesmen scratch his back, put socks on his feet, and carry him in their arms through the store and to his car because he doesn’t want to walk anymore. The satire exposes how far the fashion industry will go to please its wealthy clients. Watch the video here before they are sued and forced to take it out of air!

September Covers

The most important issue of the year for fashion magazines is the September issue. This year, the major glossy magazines have chosen to feature on their September covers mature women and actresses instead of super young models. Is there a real shift happening in fashion? Or is it a sign that they’ve realised older women are the ones still buying printed magazines while the younger readers prefer online magazines?

Best-Selling Vintage Luxury Brands

The RealReal, one of the biggest online shops for vintage clothing and accessories, has revealed their best-selling luxury brands. The three most in-demand brands are Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, respectively. According to The RealReal, millennials and Gen X streetwear buyers choose Gucci over all other luxury brands, and vintage streetwear sales are up 281% hence the Italian label leading the online vintage sales.

Have a nice week!


By Selma

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