Notorious News: what happened while we were in Carinthia

Last week we were in Carinthia, Kärnten, for the coolest birthday party. While we were enjoying the festivities and dancing to Parov Stelar live show, the world kept spinning – and no, this wasn’t due to champagne – and a lot happened. Among the many news, here are the ones people are talking about the most:

Meghan Markle and Vogue

The Duchess of Sussex guest-edited the September issue of British Vogue, which is causing quite a mayhem. Meghan chose to feature women whom she thinks are inspirational. As with anything Meghan does, her fans, mainly Americans, are praising the “Force for Change” Vogue issue. On the other hand, her critics, mainly the British people and press, are not happy at all about the “Woke Duchess”. There’s a big discussion about her being arrogant and self-promoting, not to mention the fact that as a member of the royal family, she should remain impartial on political matters. So, is the Duchess using her privileged position to make a change? Or is it hypocritical to talk about equality and climate change while taking private jets and spending fortunes to live a golden life? Read more about the controversial issue here.

Uber is in Vienna again

After being banned from Vienna, Uber is available again and is offering for the next two weeks, a 30% off your first five trips as a thank you for its Viennese clients ( enter the code WELOVEVIENNA in the Uber App for the discount). The much cheaper competitor of the taxi industry is facing legal battles around the world to keep offering its ride service. But at least for now, we are happy to tell you that the super-efficient service is back to normal in Vienna.

Influencer era in trouble?


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Is Instagram getting old? If you ask Generation Z, yes it is. The new social media space, TikTok, is the No.1 most downloaded app and has already surpassed Instagram and Facebook. The app with fun short videos and memes, and vloggers like Emma Chamberlain, are quickly becoming influential content creators that reach millions around the globe. Will this be the end of the Instagram Influencer era or is there space enough for everybody?

Tiffany’s largest ever exhibition


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Tiffany & Co is celebrating its 180th anniversary hosting its most extensive exhibition ever in Shanghai, China, this September. The show will be a tribute to the jewellery house and feature around 350 items, including 100 objects that have never been displayed to the public before. “Vision & Virtuosity” will exhibit French Crown Jewels and the 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond, which Lady Gaga wore to the Oscars this year, among other fabulous creations of the American jewellery house.

Have a nice week!