Now that we are approaching the mid-term school break and you are planning your next family trip, how about a little list of NO GOs when traveling with your family to avoid people looking at you with disdain while rolling eyes and shaking their heads?

We know you’re traveling with several people, some of them sometimes very young, and that can be kind of a nightmare because of all the logistic that is involved but please,  try to relax, you won’t be able to visit all the places you put down on your checklist so no need to scream at your family and stress them out with your to-do-list.

Nobody likes to be the kind of annoying tourist everyone complains about, right? Follow our 7 steps how-to, have fun and enjoy your vacations.


1- Even if nobody knows you, you can't forget your manners

When living in Vienna or any other touristic big city, one of the most annoying things is to encounter those loud families with kids or teens behaving like they were alone in this world. Just because you’re away from home and probably won’t bump into anyone you know, this doesn’t mean you’re allowed to take so much space by talking loudly, screaming at your kids that are running around and escalating monuments or having public arguments with your partner. Oh, btw, the same goes for your gym outfit, if you’re not going for a run, you don’t need it.


2- Self-sticks and attacks of professionalism 

You don’t need to take hundreds of selfies or family photos in front of each and every sight of interest, really, you don’t! Also, remember you’re not working for Vogue so stop directing everyone for another family shot, taking ages to set each picture in the middle of the sidewalk, street or public access areas and interrupting the passage of anyone else. Especially if you have small kids, forget it, you’ll never get that perfect family snaps with everyone posing and smiling, better try to enjoy the sights you’re visiting. Tourists with selfie sticks in crowded places are very annoying too, and it gets even worse when all members of the family have one!


3- You are not in the Born Survivor: Bear Grylls reality show

If you’re visiting Paris, NY, Vienna or any other place that is not the Sahara Desert for that matter, you won’t need to carry bottles of water around with you. Even in small villages, you will be able to buy water at any moment, nobody is going to die of thirst, believe me.


4- You're a tourist, not Indiana Jones

Backpacks are a great invention for adventure trips, but when walking around cities and crowded places, they can cause quite a disturbance. Leave them at your hotel, and please, do not insist on wanting to get into museums carrying them, discussing with the poor staff trying to convince them that in your country this is considered a handbag while disrupting the entrance of everyone else.


5- Choose activities that fit the whole family

About museums, do you really need to drag your small kids or bored teens during hours in each museum you can find in town while they complain non-stop loudly - when not throw tantrums? Have mercy, on them and us too!


6- Vacation is different from family therapy, do you know that, don't you? 

While not everyone speaks your language, remember many do, so be careful with what you say, and couples, please-pretty please, do not have loud RD or public fights in public places, forcing everyone at the restaurant or hotel bar to hear details of your personal life we would rather not know. Vacations should be a fun and relaxing time to spend together, you also don’t need to discuss all day about who wants to do what.


7- Can you believe there are places where people don't speak English?!?!

Don’t assume everyone must speak your language - especially if you are English speaking - If someone doesn’t understand you, don’t keep repeating the same only louder and slower, still, they won’t understand you.


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