Niki Lauda dies at age 70

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Yesterday, Austrian motor racing legend Niki Lauda passed away. The Formula 1 legend and successful businessman was one of the best-known persons in the history of motor racing. Many people loved him for his straightforward and humorous nature and knew and worshipped him because of his epic comeback after the crash at the Nürburgring in 1976. However, nothing could keep him from racing and so he recovered within a few weeks and was back on the racetrack. 

Niki Lauda and his wife Birgit Wetzinger at the Premiere of the movie “Rush” in London

He then won another two titles in 1977 for Ferrari and in 1984 for McLaren. After retiring, the three-time champion founded and ran several airlines and recently also became a chairman for the Mercedes Formula 1 team. His determination made him the successful and unique man he was. Appreciated by all his colleagues in the industry and also from fans all over the world, he became a literal hero.

The last couple of years though, Niki Lauda was having some health troubles including two kidney transplants one in 1997 and one in 2005 and a lung transplant. According to his family, he died peacefully in his sleep in a clinic in Switzerland.

He will for sure be remembered as the humble, down-to-earth guy and the ambitious racer and entrepreneur he was. 

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