Boy or Girl?


Buckingham Palace has announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, AKA Harry and Meghan, are expecting their first child in Spring 2019. We are sure the royal couple must be absolutely thrilled, and we wish them all the very best.

Meghan's sister-in-law, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, will have plenty of useful advice for her on how to look fab during pregnancy, and we too would like to offer Meghan some recommendations to help her sail smoothly through next months and enjoy to the max her pregnancy.
Being at the same time a first-time mother and a newlywed who's still adapting to the huge changes in one’s life can be quite exhausting. Now imagine having to do that in front of millions of people!
With her constant exposure and pressure to perform and behave according to the palace rules, we can only imagine Meghan is already stressed enough. Being in the public eye, with people examining all details of each and every outfit you wear is not a walk in the park! 

So Meghan, do remember that living up to everyone’s expectations is just impossible. Relax and enjoy the blessing you both have been given, and read here how to avoid burnout while expecting.
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