Boots season is there!


Winter boots or any other boots will be my daily choice until February. Probably a strong statement but I know, once I have my feet warm and dry the world immediately becomes a better place. I actually envy those girls who run barefoot under 1 degree. Me, on the other hand, I'm more of a double sock person myself, but to each his own.

The Newcomer

Having said that, it's needless to say that I am more than interested in any new way to pep up a winter boot, and not to die of boredom during the cold season.
First of all, Winter19 / 20 is full of beautiful boots options to choose from, you will like to read our article "These are the best winter boots to buy now".
But the newcomer in the boots world this year is definitely the cowboy boot. 

fashionista poses in front of the tour eiffel, wearing a green jumpsuit and white cowboy boots

How to  Style it

However, what we see in most of the fashion magazines is cowboy boots worn with floral dresses, leather jackets or jeans. 
Nevertheless, recent street style photos over the past fashion weeks show us fashion publishers, buyers and fashionistas wearing cowboy boots over their pants. This style is more boyish than the feminine version with the dress. 
In this case, the pants must be wide-legged, and the boots must be no more than half the length of your leg. Essential in this look is the volume of the pants, creating a similar effect of the "Bombacha", the pants worn by Argentinian Gauchos.  

fashionista walking in the streets of Paris wearing a off-white outfit paired with black cowboy boots

fashionista in Paris Fashion Week wearing cowboy boots over a beige trouser

This boot is an option too

Half-heigh slouchy boots can be an option if you are not sure you want to invest in cowboy boots.  Isabel Marant has explored this look in her AW19 collection.  The French designer created a stylish adventure woman who wears the shape of the 80s; big shoulders, high waist, wide-leg pants and boots. Following Isabel Marant is basically following the it-french girl style, that everybody is crazy about. 
So,  be creative on how you wear your winter boots, add some style to the ultimate goal of being warm. 


fashionista in the streets of Paris is wearing a black turtleneck pullover with white trousers paired with black cowboy boots


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