For the 2018 Jackies and Audreys


Scarfs are essential in fall. Big knitted ones make it easier to go out on a crisp morning, delicate cashmere or pashmina scarfs complement your fall look and silky ones bring back a little summer feeling on days where fall is not on its best behaviour aka rain and fog. Usually we wear our scarfs around our necks, but lately there have also been some more experimental ways of wearing your favourite fall accessory. Something that we spotted recently, reminds us of sixties icons like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. Worn on the head and paired with a big pair of sunglasses, a feminine dress and some slingback heels, this way of wearing a scarf was chic and not less convenient.

The new way to wear scarfs

These days brands like The Gigi are showing us how to manage the retro look in a modern and cool way. Some wide legged pants, a blazer and a killer attitude will make your new headgear perfectly suitable for 2018. The trend has also already made it to the streets and Margaret Zhang proves how a statement sweater, a midi skirt and some white heels can even make the headscarf a little edgy. 

So, grab one of your scarfs, see if it also works as a headpiece or get a new one to try out this look!

Photos: Shutterstock, The Gigi