Affordable luxury!


Photo courtesy of INCH2

If you like shoes with excellent quality and charismatic personality, and at affordable prices, INCH2 is the footwear label for you! The label, launched only four years ago, is becoming worldwide known and last year, reached over 1 million Euros in sales during Black Friday via their online store, an unprecedented business case in the small Baltic country, Latvia.

The new shoe brand you must get to know: INCH2

Founded by architect Olga and Edward Peterson, an expert in online marketing,  INCH2 wants to make luxury footwear for the mass market. The duo started the footwear company with only five models, but the label’s grown rapidly into having several women and men’s collections and will soon add bags too. INCH2 shoes are classic in material and handcraft but with a very contemporary style, with details and colours that make them unique and on-point.

The new shoe brand you must get to know: INCH2

The eye-catching shoes are handmade in Portugal and Italy by the same manufactures that produce shoes for big luxury fashion labels. Inch2 shoes are advertised on social media, the company’s Instagram has already over 300.000 followers and their online store erases all frontiers, allowing them to sell from Latvia worldwide.

The new shoe brand you must get to know: INCH2

To be more sustainable, the brand is developing a line that will allow the costumers to choose models made from artificial materials. It is a brand you must keep an eye on because it's not every day that you find luxury hand-made shoes with a cool design at affordable prices!