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Every year, when February begins, we start thinking about Valentine’s day, the most romantic holiday of the year, and what’s the best gift to celebrate your love.

As the 14th February approaches, we can't help dreaming of receiving some beautiful flowers or a box of chocolate. Alright, alright, who are we trying to kid? What every woman truly desires is a special gift that shows how much her sweetheart loves her: jewellery, of course!

The most romantic jewellery- Valentine's day Inspiration Day1

Love and jewellery

By 1920, the mass production of jewellery and costume jewellery like Coco Chanel’s made the baubles more accessible to all. Department stores began offering more inexpensive pieces to celebrate the holiday, and since women have always loved a sparkling trinket, jewels have become the most expected gifts on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, you don't need to be Richard Burton and shower your Elizabeth Taylor with 14ct diamonds, today's jewellery trends ask for thin and delicate chains and bracelets. 

The most romantic jewellery- Valentine's day Inspiration Day1

How to choose jewellery without making a mistake

Finding the right present for your loved one may be a bit tricky. One crucial thing you must keep in mind is that, unless you’re planning to propose on Valentine’s Day, you should never, ever, give a ring to your sweetheart or you might get in serious trouble! The best options are necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Necklaces with your dear one’s initials or with charms, that you can add on every year or special occasions, are a sweet gift. Bracelets engraved with a personal message or heart-shaped baubles are also excellent choices to express your love.

You can't go wrong with any of the beautiful pieces we selected for Valentine's:


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