How to look like a Siren


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We’re just weeks away from summer so, nothing more natural than feeling you have to get ready for the beach and pool!

There are so many different trends and styles of beachwear one can get a bit lost. Finding the right swimsuit can be really difficult, not every model will fit you, so pay attention to your body-type, to what you want to show and what you’d rather conceal. Also, keep in mind what kind of beach person you are before buying your new swimsuits for this summer!

If you are the sporty type, you surely can’t wear the same beachwear as the girl who prefers to just lay by the poolside reading a book, at the risk of having some bits and pieces popping out unexpectedly!  Here's our selection of the most flattering swimsuits for each type of beach-person.

For looking stylish while sunbathing languorously and sipping Margueritas 


For looking stylish while swimming, surfing, stand-up-paddling or playing beach volleyball

Some extra tips

High-cut bottoms elongate your legs while a low back elongates your body, and so do vertical stripes.

Details such as straps wrapped and tied like a belt sculpt your body and conceal some rounder tummy.

High waisted bikinis and 1-piece swimsuits are more flattering in general.

A top with ruffles is very on-trend and flattering for girls with smaller busts. The one-shoulder strap is another strong trend this summer, together with polka dots.


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