Because sometimes, showing less is more!


Modest fashion is definitely a strong trend and a fast-growing market in the fashion industry.

The first-ever Modest Fashion Week happened in London this February with more than 40 brands taking part of it. London is, of course, a very fitting location for such event since the city is one of the fashion capitals of the world and an extremely multicultural city.

But what is modest fashion?

It is a fashion that is less body-revealing than the one we’ve got used to, for example, longer skirts, looser and more comfortable clothes, with a higher neck and long sleeves, layering garments, oversized tops etc, all of which have in common the same purpose: covering women’s body.


Is modest fashion really the next big trend?

What in the past was regarded as a dull fashion style worn strictly by women from certain religious groups such as Muslims or some Orthodox Jews and Christians, is now influencing not only street fashion but also big designers such as Gucci, Max Mara, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana and Erdem among many others. Even huge high street brands such as H&M, Zara and Uniqlo already offer several options of modest fashion.

Erdem S/S'18 collection

Why is modest fashion booming?

We’ve been seeing on several designers’ catwalks and in high street stores, less and less flesh-flashing clothes, perhaps in an attempt to reach the growing Muslim clientele or maybe just as a natural reaction to years and years of dresses showing so much boobs, legs and booties that they basically leave nothing to the imagination. And aren’t we all a bit tired of seeing talented actresses having to flash skin at the Oscar’s in order to get the photographers' attention? Someone said Kim Kardashian?

Diversity is also a key trigger for the modest fashion trend because clothes are now made having in mind women with different body shapes, different ages, different cultures and religions. The e-store Modli, an Israeli site that receives more than 15.000 visitors every month, has already sold hundreds of billions in modest clothes from various brands.

Uniqlo and Gucci S/S'18 - modest fashion

Can you wear modest fashion and be modern?

Yes, you can! Designers have been making clothes that cover more women’s body without being boring or old-fashioned, on the contrary, following all the latest trends. Many women feel more feminine and definitely more comfortable in the oversized silhouettes we’ve been seeing lately on the catwalks. Actually, you’ve probably already been wearing some modest fashion items for a few seasons now, without even knowing it: think of the Mom’s jeans, pencil skirts, big puffer jackets, shirts with long sleeves with frills, turtlenecks worn under tops or corsets, maxi-dresses, pussy-bow blouses and so on.

Max Mara S/S'18 and Uniqlo

And interestingly enough, the modest fashion that many consider oppressing, when not taken to extremes can be quite liberating and empowering for women who want to be seen as more than walking boobs and booties. I must say I'm rather happy to be able to breathe in my loose-fitting jeans or oversized jacket, without having to worry that when I move some lard may pop out unexpectedly to my own horror! So I guess the key to feeling feminine and sexy but also strong and confident, is to find the right balance between showing too much and showing too little, don’t you think? 

Fotos via Erdem, Max Mara, Dolce & Gabbana, Uniqlo, Gucci