This time of the year, or to be more specific, the weeks before Halloween, we are completely getting in the mood for the darkness and the heavy stuff. Meaning heavy knits, boots, and coats in dark colors. We also get a bit more experimental with make-up. Summer is not the season to wear smoky eyes and burgundy lips, but fall definitely is! Let's introduce you to the make-up trends and products to have now:


For the lips we love all hues, that are settled between dark red and lilac. Berry tones are very much trending and they go well with both, heavy or soft eye makeup, depending on the look you aim for.


No, it's not red this time. The nail colors of the season are grey-ish and black. A nice effect can be achieved with a matte top coat. For a really Halloween manicure, file the nails pointed. 


Smoky eyes, thus fade out dark eyeshadow and eyeliner, are still one of the favored ways to do the eyes. Though it is a bit heavy, it looks very romantic and feminine, in a sexy way. A contrasting look would be, to go for a shimmery, metallic shade to cover the lids with. 

Teaser Image by For Love & Lemons