Here's why I want her wardrobe


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Every time I see Lucy Boynton, I think that’s the best she’s ever looked, but then she comes and out-does herself with her next look, even more fabulous than the one before. Her style is unique and very distinctive, and I must say I love the way she wears lady-like dresses that have a vintage feel but manages always to look modern and fresh.

The American-British actress is starring the Netflix series “The Politician”, alongside Ben Platt, Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow, about a high school students facing the political challenges of their school president election.

The first movie of the 25-year-old actress was ”Miss Potter” in 2006, where she appeared as the young writer Beatrix Potter, but she became best known after playing Mary, the first love and life-long friend of Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It was during the shooting of the Oscar-Awarded film that she met her co-star and now boyfriend, Rami Malek.

Next, Lucy Boynton will play Marianne Faithfull in a film about the singer’s life, and it is said that Boynton will also be the executive producer for the biopic.

Now back to Boynton’s fashion style. Her choice of couture florals and mini dresses paired with flats and Mary Janes are always on-point. The contemporary and colourful makeup the pretty actress usually wears gives a twist to her romantic gowns. Her go-to makeup artist, Jo Baker, creates some amazing and quite experimental looks using glitter, bold colours and even fairytale-like eyelashes with Swarovski crystals. Her signature extra-long lashes and blond bob make the actress look like a modern Twiggy. The stylist Leith Clark is responsible for helping her choose the ethereal gowns and retro mini dresses we can't get enough.

Although quite young, Lucy Boynton has already found her own style, and her looks are so refreshing, especially in Hollywood's red carpet events, where some actresses seem to compete over who's showing more cleavage and legs.

Here are some of our favourite outfits:

I bet now, you too can't wait to see what she's wearing next!