Can you wear them?


“Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say, it’s alright” sing The Beatles while I dream of the new Palazzo pants!

Yes, my dear, they are definitely back!. The wonderfully loose and flowing trousers, that are just perfect for spring and hot summer days and nights, are here again. We've seen them last Spring/Summer in form of luxury pajamas, but now it's established and almost all brands offer a line of wonderful wide legs.


A bit of history.


Women wearing Palazzo pants on a postcard from Nice in 1930

In the 30’s the iconic Marlene Dietrich and pioneer Coco Chanel already wore loose high-waisted trousers but the so-called Palazzo pants became really fashionable in the 60’s and 70's thanks to Russian Princess and designer Irene Galitzine.

She had been one of Emilio Pucci’s best customers but she’d gotten tired of wearing the same clothes as other people so she began designing her own things, which all of her aristocratic friends loved.

In 1960, she presented at Palazzo Pizzi in Florence, the evening silk trousers she has designed having in mind modern women who wanted to dress up for the evening but still, feel comfortable and liberated by wearing trousers. The Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, who was at the Palazzo Pizzi fashion show, nicknamed the trousers “Palazzo Pyjamas” and the name stuck. It was a huge success!

Aristocracy, jet-set and movie stars all wore her Palazzo pants, Audrey Hepburn, Elisabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo, Jackie O, to name a few, but perhaps the most famous Palazzo Pants Princess Galitzine designed are the pink ones Claudia Cardinale wore in the movie “Pink Panther”.

You can see some of her original Palazzo Pyjamas at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, at the V&A Museum in London or at the Costume Museum in St Petersburg.

Palazzo Pyjamas designed by Irene Galitzine in 1960

What do Palazzo pants look like?

Palazzo pants or Palazzo pyjamas, as the name suggests, look like the bottom of those pajamas your father would wear, they are extremely comfortable A-line loose and wide-legged pants, usually in flowing fabrics such as silk, but you can find them in most of the fabrics really, cotton, linen or denim, like the ones J-Lo wore recently. 


Are Palazzo Pants for everyone?

Yes! Anyone can wear Palazzo pants, they are extremely flattering. 

If you think are too thin, linen or cotton flared Palazzo pants will give you a bit of curves, if your case is the opposite, just go for light and flowing fabrics like silk, crepe or jersey. High-waisted Palazzo pants elongate your legs making you look taller and the A-line shape looks chic and sophisticated. You will find long pants that go down to the floor or shorter pants, you should choose the one that you feel most comfortable in.

Palazzo pants- Osman-resort 2018


How to wear Palazzo pants

Palazzo Pant can look pretty elegant for the evening, chose a silk model, high heels and some statement jewellery and you are ready to rock the fanciest party and dance - comfortably - all night!

Pair your high-waisted model in block colours with a kimono-like silk blouse for an extremely chic look or with a loose top for a boho-chic style.

You can wear them to work and look very professional with flat shoes and a tucked shirt, to go out at night and even like Coco Chanel, to go to the beach with class.

Photos via Shutterstock and Osman Resort 2018