It is kind of funny, that the season for lingerie is winter. Our attempt to make up a reason for that: When we need to pack ourselves in multiple layers of clothes and thick fabrics, we feel the urge to make sure that the very first of this layers, that is hugged tightly to our bodies, is particularly soft and smooth. In this case we don’t hint at cozy fabrics as cotton or wool, but dainty, very light materials as silk or lace, which are the complete opposite to the chunky knitted jumpers that we are wearing overhead. 
But actually, the weather has nothing to do with it, as we (usually) wear underwear no matter what season we are in and don’t really differentiate between types for different weathers. Pretty intimates are in season EVERY season, according to us. 
Nevertheless, as the cold season started, a hot topic became a talking point again. Underwear, lingerie, intimates: The new trends became apparent and here we are, introducing you to the new styles!


It might feel a bit strange at the beginning, having so much fabric around the chest, but once you get used to bralets, you’ll never want to take it off again. 


The touchy-feely material is very popular this season – not only for dresses or rompers. 

Tattoo Print

Prints, stitching or embroidered patterns on almost sheer substrate give a certain ‘tattoo effect’. Very romantic!


They ARE practical for winter, as they keep the lower back covered. Thereby they are hot as hell. 

Teaser Image via Oysho