LFW: what the Brits are wearing in the streets

Animal Print: one of the street-style trends we spotted during LFW.

London has always been a blast for fashion and street-style lovers. The British capital is the birthplace of many significant trends such as the Mods and Rockers, the 60s mini-skirts, the Punks, the New Wave and New Romantics, and hosts the much-awaited LFW twice a year.

London’s street style is as lively and exciting as it gets! Here are the main street-style trends we saw during the London Fashion Week, including the Animal Print trend we’ve already shown you above: 


Checkered prints are quintessentially British – think of Burberry and tartans – and are very on-trend all over the world. You can wear a checkered skirt or pants with a plain top or mix colours and prints to give your look more edge and coolness.

Checkered, one of the main street style trends during LFW

All Denim

All-denim outfits were everywhere in London. To get the Denim-on-Denim look right, better wear the same-wash or dark jeans for a sophisticated look. Mixed shades of blue need great accessories and result in a more casual look.

All Denim outfits were a big trend in London.

Something Green

Green was the colour choice of many in London. Whether bottle-green or lighter shades of green, we spotted it everywhere. Since green symbolises growth, freshness, and fertility, it looks like there is a future for British fashion post-Brexit after all 🙂

Something Green street-style trend at LFW