Learn how to live with the happiest people in the world


Scandinavian design has been part of our lives for quite some time now. We have all gotten used to the clean and elegant lines, the pale hues and their minimalistic approach to home decorating and fashion. Somehow, Scandinavian fuss-free style gives us a sense of peace and contentment.

Now, their lifestyle, called Lagom (pronounced “lar-gohm”), has also been conquering more and more adepts.

“Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life”, by British Niki Brantmark, is the new book everyone's is talking about. Since Brantmark visited Sweden for the first time, she fell in love, not only with her now-husband but also with their lifestyle. She moved 13 years ago from London to Sweden and founded the award-winning design blog “My Scandinavian Home”,  and also wrote two books before "Lagom". Her Instagram, filled with beautiful home decor photos, has 159k followers.

What does Lagom mean?

Lagom is the Swedish word for “just enough”. There isn’t an English word for it, but this expression is used to express the right balance between too much and too little and when something is “just right”. And you can apply the Lagom philosophy in every aspect of your life; in your family life, at work or leisure and even when decorating your home or cooking. Brantmark explains in her easy-to-read book how to make small changes in your life to reach this balance that will bring you greater happiness. But if you’re already too busy to read the book - which in this case, you should definitely read it! -  we prepared a little summary of the most important steps to achieve a life with less stress and more moderation and balance:

Conscious buying

Think before buying to avoid cluttering your home and only keep what you really love or use. It is better to invest a bit more and get furniture that will last many years. The same applies to clothes; choose better quality items that you can update with on-trend accessories instead of buying new things at every season. And you know those things you buy on the spur of the moment, just because they are on sale, and then stay forever at the bottom of your last drawer without never being worn? Well, that's precisely what you should avoid.

Slow living

In our fast-paced age, it is important to take your time and slow down. Balancing your work time with family and personal life is crucial. Take several short breaks during the day, go for a short walk and stop for lunch to recharge. Doing this every day will make you more efficient and less stressed.

Sustainable living

Taking from the Earth just what you need, not more nor less, avoiding unnecessary waste, for example, taking shorter showers, recycling, not taking the lift or the car if you don’t need it, using LED light bulbs etc. These are straightforward and easy changes that’ll make you have more Lagom in your life.

The Swedish rank among the happiest and most content people in the world, so I guess its time to follow their motto: “Lagom is best”. Nothing in excess, everything balanced and in the right amount, so that we can have more time to do the things we love and enjoy more life. Not exactly the best news for the shopaholic and hoarder in you, we know, but we think it may be worth a try!

Photos via Instagram