Leopard print is back (once again)


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Just when we thought leopard is out of style (this time for real), it appears again. It seems like the wild pattern turned from an on-off trend into a real closet staple. So, once and for all: leopard print is a must have!

When we hear leopard print, Kate Moss immediately comes up in our heads. Her all black outfits with a pop of leopard constitute the style of a whole era. No drama, no overkill, just an effortless and at the same time interesting look. Also Alexa Chung, the queen of leopard jackets proves that the pattern doesn´t need a special occasion or high dose of self confidence, but works day-to-day.

Still sceptical? We totally get that a dress, pants or a coat are too much for some, but if you don´t feel comfortable, why not start with something a little smaller and less striking? A scarf or some heels for instance. They dress up a basic look without making you feel disguised. 

To make the leopard print work, the other parts of your outfit should better take a backseat (unless you are a showgoer at fashion week, then please go crazy). Muted colours like black, navy or olive green and decent prints like stripes match perfectly with your wild pieces and won´t make your outfit look too over the top. In the end, the leopard is an elegant predator itself, so keep your outfits simple and make the pattern stand out.

Find some inspiration and shop the coolest leopard pieces of the season below.

Photo via Shutterstock